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Of Frocks and Accoutrements

Today was a fantabluous day. The thrift store gods smiled on me today for I bought a sackful of vintage clothes that had a lot of dolly kei potential. Paired with a few existing pieces that I already have and some accessories, I'd be able to achieve that perfect dolly kei look.
Frocks for frolic.

Aside from the clothes, I also spied a couple of purses and an angel printed scarf that would finish off a dolly kei outfit I'd come up in the future. I especially love that purse on the right that looks like some sort of picnic satchel.


I also bought a couple of drapery ties from Tuesday Mornings and one that really made me squeal with delight is the painted one. I've never seen anything like it. It's very Victorian.

So that's how my day went. My ever loving husband, always super supportive of whatever I get into, drove me all over God's green earth to get my fabulous score. I also aired out my gunnies (Gunne Sax dresses) today. Next weekend, I'll try to make some dolly kei accessories. I might try millinery as well.



It's my dolly kei Friday! It is so cold outside and what a great excuse to unearth this vintage suede hooded coat from my closet! I bought that coat in Soho in New York ten years ago for--get ready... $2.00

My favorite piece in this whole ensemble is the vintage carousel brooch that I got from a thrift store in New Orleans for $1.50 I hope everyone has a good weekend! I'm excited about mine for it shall be spent going to thrift stores and crafts stores to expand my dolly kei "trousseau".
HAGWeed! (Have A Good Weekend!)


Introductions, Prefaces and Prologues

Greetings and Salutations. I'd like to make this brief because most people hate wordy entries and I do want someone to want to read this.

I am a magpie. I collect things that remind me of my childhood. I was schooled in fairy tales. I never stopped believing in them. In a way, they're my reality. I am an illustrator by profession. I love my job because the whole process of creating gives me a high and to be paid for it, is swell bonus. I collect Blythe dolls and have currently 23 of them. I make my own doll dresses and that is what lead me to discover the fantabuous world of "dolly kei".

Since I always have a penchant for the folkloric, when shopping for clothes, I gravitate to the ornate, the embroidered, the beaded, just anything that doesn't look commonplace and of course with fairy tale flare. In no time I was able to amass quite a collection. In a sense, I have been wearing "dolly kei" fashion (pardon the redundancy) but in a more toned down manner. Discovering this aesthetic has thrilled me beyond my imagination. I never thought there was someone out there, let alone a community who dressed like me! I am excited to meet these magical people.

I dress dolly-kei on Fridays at work, my way to welcoming the weekend. Here are the looks I've worn so far.

The Mabinogeon

Not so bad for a first post. I tried my best not to get long winded. I tend to ramble. Here's where the story ends for now. :-) 




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